Saturday, January 16, 2010


My trainer and I became addicted to videotaping lessons — that is, until my hard drive filled up. My solution has been to transfer my fellow students' lessons to DVD.

Since the lighting in the indoor isn't ideal and our trainer, Terri Stryker, is teaching and videotaping at the same time, the video comes out fairly blurry. Nevertheless, I enjoy the challenge of taking blurry, poorly lit, still images from the video and tweaking them in Photoshop to create cool splash screens for the DVDs.

Here are some of my favorites:

Helen riding Grayson, her nine-year-old thoroughbred hunter.

Susan, whose own horse is laid up for a few months, taking a lesson on Stanhope Stables's own Namore.

Pam, riding her own horse, Care Bear.

Juliet, who usually rides Namore during peak-traffic times on Saturday, found a quiet moment where they both have some space.

Carol on Woodhollow Equestrian Center's school horse extraordinaire, Nathan.

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  1. the black and whites have this vintage aura about them. beautiful!