Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Last Friday was my last day working part time in the barn as the "tack-up girl." [Yes, I was really once introduced to a prospective border as the "tack-up girl."]

Today, I overheard a fellow boarder compliment my replacement for being so neat, after which she added, "It will be nice having things neat around here for a change."


For the record, it's not technically eavesdropping, when you're standing in your own horse's stall.


  1. OMG! (Can I say that in brooklyn?) Hey Tack UP Girl, Did someone really say that? Of course I believe you, but come on have you seen the place? It will never look neat. Stanhope was lucky to have you, I just can't believe you could last so long with your favorite fish!!!

  2. Tack-up Girl is the BEST and she is VEERRRY neat!!
    Just a nasty comment from a boarder who likes to feel superior and probably had no idea what she was saying. I pray we all have more self-awareness!
    Tack-up Girl saved my horse from extinction when he was a crazy, on tranqs guy after a suspensory injury and 2 months stall rest. He kicked me in the ribs, breaking 3 of them and puncturing my lung. I was out of commission, nobody could calm him down and get him back to work. Tack-up Girl, or "Superwoman", as I fondly think of her, just rolled up her sleeves and went to work. He is now looking FAANtastic and jumping 2'6". Take that, neatness freak!!! All in a typical day for TACK-UP GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Sounds like fellow boarder was totally sucking up for brownie points.
    As I told you, you will be missed and impossible to replace.
    But now you are just another boarder and no longer to be pooped upon.
    Wait... we are all pooped on....